Wilds of Neverwinter

The Devil You Know

21-23 Flamerule, 1479 DR

Moondark, 21 Flamerule

  • 3 riders approach from the south in Selune’s dim light. Two soldiers in heavy armor, with one other in a cloak. One of the armored men is bearing a standard of Neverember.
  • Worried about their Spellscarred members bringing negative attention, Lei Lan leads Karis Vargas and Friend into hiding under nearby tree cover.
  • After some initial misgivings, the armored men approach the party, protecting their master, who reveals himself not to be Dagult Neverember, as Seldra believed, but the Lord Protector’s son, Renaer Neverember. Renaer is dressed finely and has a similarly outgoing demeanor as his father. Renaer takes a liking to the Regulators immediately, offering them a share of the last of his expensive drink in exchange for the party’s stories.
  • Uthgar tells Renaer of the Regulators’ trials, including their run-ins with General Sabine and the appearance of the Lost Heir. Renaer takes a dim view of his father’s leadership, and offers some Waterdhavian advice on Dagult’s plan for Neverwinter – the beginning of a trade empire that encompasses the Sword Coast North.
  • Renaer is fascinated, and shares that he is in Neverwinter on assignment from the Blackstaff, a powerful wizard in Waterdeep. Renaer is looking for the Book of Dragons, an book so powerful that it was hidden by Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun at the direct order of Mystra herself. The current Blackstaff has sent Renaer to recover the artifact from a dragon’s hoard somewhere in the Neverwinter Wood.

Night, Flamerule 22

  • The Regulators meet Elden Vargas in Blacklake, having approached Neverwinter from the North. Elden and Karis are reunited happily, they plan to head North, perhaps to Luskan, a place where they will attract no attention. Elden tells the Regulators to be careful of Mordai Vell, and that Mordai is the leader of Neverwinter’s Ashmadai, a group of devil-worshipping cultists known to practice dark rituals in the Neverwinter Wood.
  • Needing to resupply, the Regulators enter Tellane’s Fine Rugs, a fence operating in Blacklake. It contains only one customer, and the shopkeep is in the back. Given the outrageous markups on Tellane’s merchandise, the party holds off on making a sale.
  • Tellane’s only customer is a drow who introduces himself as Illorio Rilynt’tar, and who has a lot of questions for the party. Specifically, he want to know more about the Neverember Guard, General Sabine, and the forces at the city’s disposal. Not wanting to deal with a Drow elf, especially one so curious about Neverwinter’s defenses, the party attacks Illorio. The drow elf escapes into the night after casting a darkness spell.
  • Checking in with Mordai Vell, even though they know him to be a worshipper of Asmodeus, the party is rewarded with the use of their new tavern in Blacklake, which they intend to name the Dead Devil Inn, a reference to their destruction of the Succubus, Rohini. When Uthgar pushes for more money, Mordai offers to have some dwarves in his service rebuild the tavern in less than a tenday’s time, so it will be open for the Midsummer festivities. He cannot make payment directly in a lump sum, which attract’s Uthgar’s attention – why can’t Mordai pay the party up front when he is seen to be throwing money around Neverwinter quite freely?
  • Mordai asks for a favor in exchange for the service of his dwarven builders. He seeks a map of the first two level’s of the dungeons of Castle Never. The party is welcome to map it themselves, or to speak with Seldra Tylmarande, Neverember’s spy, for the name of a contact who can supply such a map. The party notices that Mordai Vell is afraid for some reason, and is unable to directly help the party in their quest for some reason. The Regulators mull this over while resting in their shabby, burned-out inn.

Harbright, Flamerule 23

  • The Regulators seek to get word to Sabine about the danger of Drow agents in the city, and head to the Winged Wyvern Bridge where several couriers are in line. One older courier jumps in front of the line to take the party’s letter. The courier is offered a few extra gold if he returns to the party at another time with proof the letter is received. The courier heartily agrees, and as he leaves on his delivery a sharp-eyed party member notices a pin, pinned to the inside of the courier’s cloak – a sign, perhaps, of a Harper agent!
  • Heading to the Tarmalune Trade House near the docks to purchase some armor, the party notices Renaer waving from the gangplank of the Moonstone Mask, two tie fling courtesans in tow. He excitedly thanks the party for their recommendation on where to stay, and invites them up to share some drinks. Two of the party receive blessings of Sune, the goddess of love, whose priestesses have pavilions near the Moonstone Mask.
  • The party heads up the gangplank to meet with Renaer, but also to see if Lieutenant Hadarr is available – Hadarr might know where to track down Seldra.
  • At the Moonstone Mask, which is decorated lavishly with flowers in preparations for the Moonstone Masquerade, a Midsummer celebration, Fiona gambles away some of Renaer’s money while the rest of the party plies Hadarr for information – Seldra is Dagult’s agent, and she might be hanging around the Hall of Justice – ask Soman Galt.
  • At the Hall of Justice, the Regulators speak with Soman Galt, who is much better than previously. Before, his eyes were clouded and he mumbled mindlessly. Now he seems sharp and capable, and informs the party that Seldra is in a council meeting after highsun, and if the party would just wait then they could catch her in the Hall.

Elsun, Flamerule 23

  • While waiting for Seldra, the Regulators are accosted by General Sabine, who is frustrated by the party’s protection by Mordai Vell. She believes their notes about a Drow agent and their other adventures are besides the point – plaguechanged attack the city daily, even in the Enclave, and the Lost Heir “just happens” to appear every time and save the day, to the people’s great joy. She overhears words of scorn and ridicule from the people every day, and wants to track down the identity of the Lost Heir any way she can before the Lord Protector’s return. When the party is not helpful, she warns them that they are making a mistake ignoring the city’s true problems, and storms off.

Thulsun, Flamerule 23

  • The regulators catch up with Seldra and Soman Galt after highsunfeast, and Soman now looks more haggard, with clouded eyes and mumbling. Suspecting something is wrong, Lei reaches out to detect the presence of another spellscar, and detects the spellplagues’ magic!
  • Seldra is very interested in what the party is after, and freely offers information. In the Tower District, at a tavern known as the Fallen Tower, the barkeep Vagdru One-Ear serves drinks to all comers. The Fallen Tower is an establishment that caters to the Tower District’s clientele – people who don’t want to be seen. The Many-Arrows orcs that live in the Tower District, ruled over by the Orc general, Vansi, do not pry much into the comings and goings of people in their territory, so long as they do not cause trouble with the orcs.
  • According to Seldra, Vagdru can put them in touch with a person known only as The Mapmaker, described as a “shady character” who is in possession of many forbidden maps. Seldra relates that The Mapmaker is very serious business indeed, and that the party might just as well try to map the dungeons of Castle Never themselves.
  • Leaving the Hall, the party picks up a tail of Dead Rats, out for revenge. In Blacklake, the party faces off once more with the Dead Rats, and this time emerges victorious!



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